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peach juice

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Peach Juice from Progress Farm

  • Peach juice has been greatly upgraded to 70% fruit juice and is now available! Review the raw materials and concentration, further improve the taste! Peach feeling up! I am proud of myself.
  • Using only large ripe peaches harvested at our farm, it became a peach juice packed with the sweetness, richness and refreshing acidity of peaches.
  • Approximately 1kg of peach is used for one bottle (1,000ml). Rich in dietary fiber and thick, it has a rich finish.
  • Based on the idea that “delicious juice can only be made from delicious fruit,” we carefully selected large, ripe peaches that can be eaten raw, rather than using so-called “juice raw materials,” and commissioned a processing plant that can extract juice while preserving the peach flavor. I had it squeezed out.
  • We would appreciate it if you could accompany us with Progress Farm's proud gems during the holiday season and fun times.
Blog article "Peach juice, major version upgrade"
I wrote an article about my thoughts on squeezing peach juice and how it was completed. Please read it!
・(2022 season) “Peach juice has been greatly upgraded” (NEW!)
・(2020 season) "I had a peach squeezed"

About delivery

About packing and size

2 pieces Two 1L bottles will be delivered in a cosmetic box (2nd and 3rd photo). The box size is "80 size". Attach the shipping label after protecting the cosmetic box with a paper bag (brown).
6 pieces Six 1L bottles will be delivered in a cardboard box (brown) for shipping (4th photo). The box size is "100 size". The box will be unpacked once to attach the product label, and the shipping label will be attached to the cardboard as is. *You can order up to 2 boxes at a time. In the case of 2 boxes, the box size will be "140 size".
Noshi is available only when the number is 2. Noshi will be attached to the outside of the box and protected with a paper bag (brown) before shipping. If you are interested, please add the product to your cart and let us know from the contact information for this shop .
Delivery date
Shipments are made every Tuesday and Friday and arrive 1-2 days after shipment (usually within 6 days after ordering). If you would like to specify a delivery date, please add the product to your cart and let us know from the contact information for this shop .
The label on the back of the product may wrinkle due to condensation due to temperature changes during transportation.

Delicious way to enjoy

Chill well in the refrigerator
If you chill it well and enjoy it, you can enjoy its thick and rich taste.
Float with ice
If you want to enjoy it like a dessert, add ice to make it a float. Enjoy slowly with sweet ice cream.
freeze it frozen
Put it in a ziplock bag and freeze it in a flat plate. A simple and rich dessert is ready.
Add ginger or sprinkle with cinnamon and serve hot.
It is recommended to heat it and add ginger or sprinkle cinnamon for a deeper taste.
Peach tea in black tea
If you put it in warm tea as you like, you can enjoy a slightly sweet and refreshing peach tea.

*Contains citric acid to maintain quality. If you mix it with milk, the protein in the milk will harden, so be careful.

Expiration date and storage method

  • The following is stated on the back label of the product (excerpt).
name Beverage containing 70% peach juice
Raw material name Peach (produced in Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture), sugar, antioxidant (vitamin C), citric acid
Internal capacity 1,000ml
expiry date February 29, 2024
Preservation method Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight
others ・The sediment is a pulp component. Shake well before opening and drink.
・After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
・Since the container is a bottle, please handle with care.
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