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white peach

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Progress Farm White Peach

  • Delicious peaches are neither immature nor overripe, and are “ripe” peaches that are just right for eating. During the last week before harvest, the peaches grow significantly, lose their color, increase their sugar content, and become fragrant, soft, and delicious.
  • In order to deliver delicious peaches that can only be delivered directly from the production area, we grow them on the tree until the last minute, rather than picking them early, and deliver them to our customers as soon as possible after harvesting.

Our commitment

  • We are committed to cultivating fruits every day with the following three commitments so that our customers can enjoy delicious fruits.
1. Fruit tree cultivation that takes advantage of the climate
We produce fruits by taking advantage of the "climate suitable for growing fruit trees in Japan" and "rich soil".
2. Ripe and fresh seasonal fruits
Producers are discerning and deliver fresh seasonal fruits at the optimum degree of ripeness (optimal ripeness).
3. Efforts for food safety
We comply with laws and regulations related to food safety and produce safe agricultural products.

Click here for details ▶︎The secret of deliciousness

customer's voice

    • In last summer's customer survey, about 70% of customers said, "All the fruits in the box were satisfactory," and about 90% of customers said, "More than 80% of them were satisfied." I got it .
    • This summer, based on the voices of our customers, we will work to deliver even more satisfying fruits.

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About grade, content, etc.


excellent It will be the best recommended of our garden. It is most suitable for gift-giving. It has a particularly beautiful appearance and is expected to have an excellent taste.
Hide Perfect for casual souvenirs and desserts at home. It has a beautiful appearance and is expected to have an excellent taste.
excellent For snacks and breakfast fruit. Expect great taste. Although there is no major problem with the appearance, some cracks and scratches are included.

Internal capacity

4.0kg About 10 to 16 peaches are included, and the box size is "100 size". The weight per one is about 280g to 460g.
2.5kg About 7 to 10 peaches are included, and the box size is "80 size". The weight per one is about 280g to 420g.
In order to reduce the burden on the environment, we use minimal packaging for gift items to prevent damage during transportation. We do not carry out packing of cosmetic boxes or individual fruits (it will be delivered in brown cardboard using a fruit tray (3rd photo)).
Noshi will be accepted only if the grade is Tokuhoku and Hide. Noshi will be attached to the outside of the cardboard and covered with a stretch film before shipping. If you would like to add the product to your cart, please let us know the name and name from the message to this shop .

Click here for details ▶︎About peach grade About peach box size and contents

About delivery time and varieties

  • At our garden online shop, we sell white peaches for different shipping periods ( from late July to August 20th) and from August 20th to early September .
  • There are mainly 3 types of peaches currently being cultivated (Akatsuki, Natsukko, and Date white peaches), and we will deliver the most suitable "ripe" peaches for delivery at the time of shipment (outer box and enclosed description) The type is specified on the paper).
    • Delivery from late July to August 20: Akatsuki or Natsukko
    • Delivery from August 20th to early September: Date white peach
The flesh is slightly hard, and the flesh is dense and has a lot of juice. This peach has a beautiful milky-white flesh with a hint of pink, and has been cultivated all over Japan for over 50 years. The secret to its popularity is its deep sweetness and moderate acidity.
A peach born in Nagano Prefecture, it is the variety that can be harvested the most in our garden. The peel is dark pink, and the contrast between the white flesh is beautiful. The flesh is soft and juicy, making it a juicy peach. The sugar content is high, and you can enjoy a solid sweetness.
Date white peach
A peach with a beautiful pink skin that is grown from Hakuho. The flesh is firm and softens as it ripens, so you can enjoy it with your preferred firmness. It has a juicy taste with a low acidity and a distinct sweetness. It will be the last white peach of the season in our garden.
  • Harvest dates may vary depending on climate and weather due to outdoor cultivation. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to specify the delivery date and product type . Thank you for your understanding.

Delicious way to enjoy

Ready to eat

  • The peaches you receive are moderately ripe "suitable ripe" peaches . Even if the flesh is hard, you can enjoy it deliciously.
  • If you prefer soft peaches , store them in a well-ventilated place. Ripening progresses little by little and it becomes soft.
  • If you store it in the refrigerator, the speed of ripening will slow down and it will last longer, but please be aware that the moisture will evaporate and the freshness will be lost. Chill in the refrigerator for about 1 hour before eating .

How to save if you can't eat it all

  • Cut, lightly sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent discoloration, place in a zip lock bag, remove air and freeze. The flavor will fade with time, so please enjoy it as soon as possible.
  • In addition to eating half-thawed and cut fruits, it is also recommended to make smoothies while frozen. If you defrost it too much, water will come out and the texture will become dry, so please be careful.
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