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apple juice

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長野県小布施町 プログレスファーム 細野善寛






Progress Farm Apple Juice

  • Using only ripe apples (Sun Fuji) harvested at Progress Farm, we made 100% fruit juice (straight) packed with the deliciousness of apples.
  • According to the customer survey, "Good balance between sweetness and sourness" and "Delicious" Sun Fuji juice from our garden, which was well received for its "good fragrance" About 5 pieces (about 1.5 kg) are used for 1 bottle (1,000 ml).
  • Based on the belief that "delicious juice can only be made from delicious fruit," we use only raw ingredients that are delicious to eat, rather than so-called "ingredients for juice."
  • We would appreciate it if you could accompany us with apple juice from Progress Farm during the holiday season and fun times.
  • Last year's "grated grater", which was well received, could not be produced this year due to the circumstances of the juice factory. Thank you for your understanding.
Blog article "I got apple juice squeezed"
I wrote an article about my thoughts on squeezing apple juice and what kind of ingredients I used. If you don't mind, please read it! "I had you squeeze apple juice."

About delivery

About number and packing

2 pieces Two 1L bottles will be delivered in a cosmetic box (2nd photo). The box size is "80 size". Attach the shipping label after protecting the cosmetic box with a paper bag (brown).
6 pieces Six 1L bottles will be delivered in a cardboard box (brown) for transportation (3rd photo). The box size is "100 size". Affix the shipping label to the cardboard. *You can order up to 2 boxes at a time. In the case of 2 boxes, the box size will be "140 size".
Only 2 bottles are available for Noshi. Noshi will be attached to the outside of the box and protected with a paper bag (brown) before shipping. If you are interested, please add the product to your cart and let us know from the contact information for this shop .
Delivery date
Shipments are made every Tuesday and Friday and arrive 1-2 days after shipment (usually within 6 days after ordering). If you would like to specify a delivery date, please add the product to your cart and let us know from the contact information for this shop .
The label on the back of the product may wrinkle due to condensation due to temperature changes during transportation.

Delicious way to enjoy

Cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator
As a refreshing apple juice with a good balance of sweetness and sourness. It will feel more refreshing when chilled. If you feel it is too sweet, dilute it with water.
Dilute with carbonated water
If you mix apple juice with unsweetened carbonated water, it will be a refreshing drink that is not too sweet and bursts with carbonation.
Hot with cloves and cinnamon
Add cloves to apple juice and simmer over low heat for 2-3 minutes. It's ok to boil it with cinnamon sticks.
Solidify in the freezer and make sherbet
Put the apple juice in a storage container with a lid and freeze it in the freezer. Stir halfway through to make it more fluffy. Enjoy it as an after-meal dessert.

Expiration date, storage method, nutritional content

  • The following is stated on the back label of the product (excerpt).

apple juice

apple juice (straight)
Raw material name
Apple (San Fuji from Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture), antioxidant (vitamin C)
Internal capacity
expiry date
November 29, 2024 (2 years from production date)
Preservation method
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
・After opening, store at 10℃ or less and consume as soon as possible.
・Shake well before drinking.

Nutrients (per 100ml) *Values are approximate

energy 50 calories
protein 0.1g
Lipid 0g
carbohydrates 12.5g
salt equivalent 0g

















  • エネルギー 50Kcal
  • タンパク質 0.1g
  • 脂質 0g
  • 炭水化物 12.5g
  • 食塩相当量 0g

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