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About production history

1 Control of pests and weeds

(1) Basic policy

  • At our farm, we practice "control without relying only on pesticides" as an approach to food safety.
  • All substances, including food, are harmless or toxic to humans depending on the amount of exposure they receive. We recognize that the intake of pesticides is controlled by stipulating the amount and method of use, and safety is ensured through proper use.
  • In order to ensure that the fruits we deliver are safe, we will comply with the types of agricultural chemicals that can be used, the timing of spraying, the number of times, and the amount of agricultural chemicals that are stipulated by laws and regulations for each fruit, and use agricultural chemicals appropriately. We will keep you informed about your history in a timely manner so that you can feel at ease.
  • In addition, from the perspective of reducing the burden on the environment caused by agricultural chemicals, we will utilize control technology (IPM: integrated pest and weed management) that suppresses the occurrence of pests and weeds without relying only on pesticides.

(2) Details of initiatives

  • Appropriate use of pesticides in accordance with the latest "Nagano Prefecture Agricultural Crop Disease and Pest Control and Weed Control Standards" indicated by the Nagano Prefectural Pest Control Office, which has jurisdiction over our farm, and the latest "Pest Control History" indicated by the Nagano Agricultural Cooperative. and control pests.
  • In particular, as a countermeasure against peach bacterial perforation disease, which is an important peach disease, we are working not only on chemical control (spraying of pesticides), but also on cultivation control (physical removal of diseased parts).
  • Weed control is basically carried out with a mower, and herbicides that are approved for use on farmland are used only in areas and times considered necessary from the viewpoint of work safety and efficiency. I'm here.

(3) Certification by a third party

  • Our farm has acquired JGAP certification after being audited by a third-party organization at least once a year. is a farm that has cleared the compliance criteria for these control points.
  • In addition to undergoing examinations regarding the proper use of pesticides, samples considered to be at high risk of residual pesticides are tested for residual pesticides at least once a year, and are within the standard values stipulated by laws and regulations. is confirming.

2 Disclosure of production history

  • At our farm, we record and manage the production status using an external system (Agrinote).
  • We accept requests for disclosure from those who purchase agricultural products from our farm. To request disclosure, please contact us here . It will be disclosed as an Excel file. note that.
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