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The Secret of Deliciousness - Food Safety Initiatives

(1) Better agricultural practices

The most important thing in the production of agricultural products is to ensure food safety. In addition to food safety, efforts related to environmental conservation, occupational safety, human rights protection, and farm management will lead to sustainable agricultural production.

In order to ensure sustainability in terms of food safety, environmental conservation, and occupational safety in agriculture, we practice "Good Agricultural Practice" and understand the current situation and issues. We are working to realize better agricultural management.

(2) Practicing pest control that does not rely solely on pesticides

All substances, including food, are harmless or toxic to humans depending on the amount of exposure they receive. The intake of pesticides is controlled by stipulating the amount and method of use, and safety is ensured through proper use.

In order to ensure that the fruits we deliver are safe, we will comply with the types of agricultural chemicals that can be used, the timing of spraying, the number of times, and the amount of agricultural chemicals that are stipulated by laws and regulations for each fruit, and use agricultural chemicals appropriately. We will keep you informed about your history in a timely manner so that you can feel at ease.

In addition, from the perspective of reducing the burden on the environment caused by agricultural chemicals, we will utilize control technology (IPM: integrated pest and weed management) that suppresses the occurrence of pests and weeds without relying only on pesticides .

(3) Sanitary control of products

In recent years, in response to food poisoning and other incidents that threaten food safety, hygiene management has been strengthened, especially at the food processing and sales stages. However, since there is a risk of contamination of agricultural products even at the production stage, it is important to thoroughly manage hygiene.

At each stage of cultivation, harvesting, preparation, and shipping, we not only manage the health and hygiene of our workers, but we also manage the hygiene of farm equipment, harvest containers, and workplaces to keep agricultural products hygienic and manage them. We will keep you informed of the situation in a timely manner to ensure your peace of mind.

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