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The secret to deliciousness - ripe and fresh seasonal fruits

(1) Peaches

Peaches are in season from early summer to late summer. Nagano boasts the third largest production volume in Japan, after Yamanashi and Fukushima.

Peaches are a particularly difficult fruit to determine when to harvest .

The best peaches are not underripe or overripe, they are perfectly ripe. However, this state is very short, and when fully ripe, it loses its peak flavor in about a day.

In the general distribution of fruits and vegetables, the fruits and vegetables are sometimes harvested much earlier than they are supposed to be eaten, taking into account damage to the cargo during transportation and the selling period.

Peaches, in particular, can be quickly damaged by ripening after harvesting, so they tend to be harvested early in order to avoid wastage loss at distribution and stores.

On the other hand, peaches swell a lot during the week until they are fully ripe, lose their background color, increase their sugar content, and become fragrant, soft, and delicious. Therefore, in order to deliver the most delicious peaches, it is important not to pick them early but to let them grow on the tree until the last minute.

Therefore, at our farm, we carefully identify and harvest peaches that are "optimally ripe" just before they are fully ripe, and ship them promptly after harvest . Then, we will ripen the peaches to the desired firmness at your fingertips and deliver them to you so that you can enjoy perfectly ripe peaches.

(2) Chestnut

It is said that the cultivation of chestnuts began in Obuse Town in the Muromachi period, and in the Edo period the chestnuts were presented to the shogunate as a special product, and chestnut sweets were made. And even now, it is a famous chestnut production area with a long history and is known as "Chestnut Town".

Chestnuts are in season when the temperature in the morning and evening starts to drop as autumn approaches. At this time, the burs gradually turn brown, and when the fruits are fully ripe, they eventually fall under their own weight.

And it is the chestnuts that have just fallen that give the most of the chestnut flavor .

On the other hand, it is known that if chestnuts are aged at a low temperature for a long period of time, the stored starch in the chestnuts will be saccharified and the sweetness will increase, although the flavor will not be as good as that of freshly fallen chestnuts.

At our orchard, fresh chestnuts are harvested every day with the arrival of early autumn. The chestnuts are then delivered as fragrant fresh chestnuts without chemical fumigation. Please enjoy the original flavor and sweetness of chestnuts by storing them at a low temperature according to your preference.

(3) Apple

Apples are in season from autumn to winter, depending on the variety. Nagano Prefecture boasts the second largest production volume in Japan after Aomori. As Nagano Prefecture's mascot character "Arukuma" wears apples, it is also a fruit that people in Shinshu are particular about.

Apples have a relatively long shelf life, and thanks to the development of long-term storage technology, apples can be found in stores all year round. .

Also, an apple with a red surface looks delicious, but in reality it is not the color of the surface, but the condition of the surface and the color of the flesh that can be seen through.

At our orchard, we carefully select delicious apples that you can fully enjoy the firmness of the apples, the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, and the overflowing freshness that you cannot tell just by looking at the color at first glance. We want to deliver.

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