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The secret to deliciousness - The climate suitable for fruit cultivation

(1) Little precipitation and long hours of sunshine

Zenkojidaira, which includes Obuse Town, is located in an inland area far from the sea, with mountains such as the Northern Alps and Hokushin Gogaku towering to the west, and Shiga Kogen to the east.

Zenkoji-daira has low rainfall throughout the year and tends to have long hours of sunshine due to the topography of these mountains that tend to block rain clouds. In addition, since it is not affected by the sea, there tends to be a large difference in temperature throughout the year and within a day.

In particular , the amount of rainfall is one of the fewest in Japan.

Due to the long hours of sunshine, the leaves that have been exposed to the blessings of the sun actively photosynthesise, and the large temperature difference causes the captured carbon to be stored in the fruit as sugar. In addition, due to the lack of rain, the sugar is condensed in the fruits.

Obuse has little rain and long hours of sunshine, and is blessed with a climate that is one of the most suitable for growing fruit trees in Japan.

(2) Rich soil with good drainage

Obuse Town is located on the east bank of the Chikuma River, and is also located in the alluvial fan of the Matsu River that flows into the Chikuma River.

These rivers once flooded frequently, providing the area with fertile, well-drained soil suitable for growing fruit trees. In addition, since Matsukawa is an acidic river, this alluvial fan and its outer edge became acidic soil .

Among fruit trees, chestnuts and peaches are known to prefer well-drained acidic to slightly acidic soil.

Under this characteristically rich soil , fruit trees with firmly rooted roots grow healthily and bear abundantly delicious fruits.

Here in Obuse Town, there is "rich soil suitable for growing fruit trees" .

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