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Staff introduction

Staff introduction

Yoshihiro Hosono

After two years of agricultural training in Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture, I became independent.

I am good at stacking up. In both the extremely cold January and the scorching August, I will support the growth of fruit trees by keeping my feet on the ground and facing myself in nature. And I think that such agriculture is my vocation, where I can work on nature and society with originality and ingenuity.

Born in Shiga prefecture. I spent my school days in Hokkaido and worked for about 12 years at a financial institution related to agriculture.

Qualifications, etc.
JGAP Instructor
Pesticide Management Instructor
Ordinary car license (MT, 8t)
Aerial work vehicle operation (less than 10m) (special education)
Operation of vehicle-type construction machinery (less than 3 tons) (special education)
Tree felling with a chain saw (special education)
Brushcutter handling work (special training)
Announcement/Publication, etc.
2019.02.10 Nagano city, Suzaka city, Obuse town, Takayama village joint immigration consultation meeting "New farming preparation experience in Obuse town"
2019.07.27 Sudaka farming experience "New farming preparation experience in Obuse Town"
2022.08.06 Suzaka newspaper "Peach harvest is at its peak"
2022.11.26 Suzaka Shimbun "Mr. Hosono of Obuse Acquires JGAP Certification for Sustainable and Safe Agriculture"
2022.12.16 Tsudoe! Farmers in Nagano "GAP certification that you can do if you try" (Grand Prize)
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