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About Progress Farm

Progress Farm has been growing fruits such as peaches and chestnuts since April 2020 in Obuse Town, located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture. Under the motto of “Providing reliable fruits, always”, we deliver delicious and safe fruits that fill the mind and body with happiness.

our vision

Vision [aimed world view]

Share positive results.
Since ancient times, human society has needed agriculture, and agriculture has been a part of life that supports human society. On the other hand, in modern times, people have a variety of occupations, and agriculture has become distant to many people.
However, even if the target is different, I think that the essence of human society, which is to "cooperate and achieve, share the results, and live together", has not changed.
Our vision is to "share solid results", and we aim to create a world where everyone is active in their respective fields, sharing the solid results they gain from their work, and praising each other.

Mission [Role to fulfill]

We deliver reliable fruit.
Fruit fills the heart and body with happiness. In addition to ensuring that the fruits we produce are delicious and safe, we will continue to deliver "reliable fruits" that are convincing, including the environment in which they are produced.
We will take responsibility for the sustainable use of farmland.
Fruit production does not happen overnight. We always look ahead of the times and want to continue producing fruits that are in demand. We also want to protect irreplaceable farmland and rural environments.

Values ​​[values ​​to cherish]

Comply with laws and regulations, and operate farms honestly and fairly.
Produce safe and hygienic food that contributes to a healthy diet.
Let's keep the field safe and clean and make it a workplace where you can work with peace of mind.
Let's respect each other, study together, and lead a fulfilling life.
Observe and record things big and small, nurture ideas, and work on continuous improvement.

Representative message

Agriculture is a very rewarding job, as you work with nature (life) to create what you want while supporting the growth of plants. In addition, farm management is a very creative and profound work that interacts not only with nature but also with society to create what both producers and consumers want.

As part of our agricultural management, we have set a vision of "sharing reliable results." This shows not only the relationship between agriculture and humans, but also the view of the world that we are aiming for as a way of human society. It also includes our hope that our agricultural management will also help solve social issues.

In terms of agricultural management, we believe that it is important not only to take responsibility for the safety of agricultural products produced as food, but also to continue farming uninterruptedly and keep the earth alive. We promise to "produce reliable fruits" and "take responsibility for the sustainable use of farmland", and we would like to develop Progress Farm so that we can continue to produce the fruits that our customers want. increase.

We look forward to your guidance and encouragement. We also always welcome colleagues who share our vision and are involved in various ways with us. Thank you very much.

Yoshihiro Hosono, Representative of Progress Farm

Farm overview

All as of January 1, 2023
trade name PROGRESS FARM
Established April 1, 2020
Business content 1 Production, processing and marketing of agricultural products
2 Contract work related to agricultural production
3 Operation of an agricultural experience farm
4 All businesses related to the preceding items
cultivated area 182a (of which 64a is a minor garden)
Cultivation content Momo 54a (Natsukko 16a, Akatsuki 10a, Others 24a, Miseien 4a)
Nectarine 28a (Fantasia 5a, Miseien 23a)
Plum 23a (Miseien 23a)
Wasser 19a (Sweet Rich 4a, Miseien 15a)
Prune 4a (summer cute)
Chestnut 54a (Tsukuba, Ginyori, etc.)
Main equipment/machine 1 warehouse building, 1 fruit sorting house, 1 material storage building
employee 1 person
representative Yoshihiro Hosono
location 66-4 Miyakozumi, Obuse Town, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture 381-0208
phone 090-8904-6773 (reception hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Main bank Hachijuni Bank Obuse Branch (0143 252)
Nagano Agricultural Cooperative Obuse Branch (5499 064)
PayPay Bank Business Sales Department (0033 005)
History Founded in April 2020
September 2022 Acquired JGAP certification (registration number: 200000059)


By car

From the Joshinetsu Expressway "Obuse PA (Highway Oasis)" smart IC, go out onto the general road (ETC required) and head for the Iwamatsuin entrance intersection. Go west at the Iwamatsuin entrance intersection, turn right at the second street, and it is on the left after about 200m. The end will be a slightly narrow alley (4m road), so please be careful. (Time required from Obuse PA: about 15 minutes by car)

If you come by Nagano Electric Railway

Take a local train and get off at Tsusumi Station. Turn left at the public phone box in front of the station, and go right at the irregular intersection for about 50m. Next, go left at the three-way intersection for about 50m and it will be on your right. (Time required from Tsuzumi Station: about 3 minutes on foot)
Check access on Google Map
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